BT has said that EE will now be its flagship customer-facing brand after stating the need to “simplify things” and offer more focused broadband and mobile services to its customers.

In a blog post announcing the change, BT Consumer CEO Marc Allera said that pushing both of the brands in a “crowded consumer market” was often confusing.

Moving forward, the EE brand will continue providing 4G and 5G mobile services, but will now also offer bundles that feature superfast broadband.

BT has often been synonymous with fixed broadband services and the brand has been a mainstay in British marketing and advertising for more than 30 years.

It is not the end for BT entirely though as it will now have a more “focused role” for standalone services covering landline and broadband.

CSS Insight’s Kester Mann said that it is a wise decision as EE is “better equipped” to push cutting-edge products and services in contrast to BT, which has struggled to resonate with tech-savvy consumers.

This is a sentiment that BT appears to agree with, stating that EE has “captured the hearts of consumers across all demographics”.

It will now be hoping that the strength of the EE brand can do the heavy lifting as it looks to bring together all of its networks, services and devices in a new chapter of transformation.

BT, which currently has 20 million customers, said that further details about the branding change will be shared in the coming months.