The spotlight on Scotland’s Health Secretary Michael Matheson and his exorbitant mobile phone bill has brought the costs of data roaming into sharp focus.

The SNP MSP racked up £11,000 in data roaming charges after his sons used mobile data to stream football matches while the family were on holiday in Morocco.

There are now calls for Mr Matheson to step down from his position.

The case highlights how easy it is to be hit with a hefty bill when accessing the internet outside the UK.

Following Brexit, most mobile providers no longer offer roaming for free in the EU.

The BBC has just released a guide for holiday-goers to limit the risk of “bill shock”.

It recommends checking the details of your plan before heading away, as buying a mobile data bundle for a specific country might be possible.

Most contracts also allow customers to implement a spending cap, which will limit the damage as data will simply stop working.

Another option for peace of mind is purchasing a temporary eSIM for data usage.

These virtual SIM cards are easy to activate and can be used for messages and calls.

If you are staying at a resort or hotel, using the in-house Wi-Fi for your internet needs is preferable.

Changing mobile usage habits is also a good idea.

Limiting the amount of time you spend online and cutting all but essential usage will reduce the risk of roaming charges.

Finally, if you are worried about the costs of roaming, you can head into the settings on your mobile device and switch off roaming.

You can then download any media, such as podcasts and movies, before you travel.