Fortnite is set to return to iPhones later this year after Apple confirmed users will be allowed to “sideload” apps following a new EU ruling.

Fortnite, the hugely popular battle royale video game, disappeared from iPhone devices four years ago after developer Epic Games withdrew it from the App Store due to a disagreement over commission payments.

While Fortnite will not get an official re-release, users can download it via alternative app stores starting in March.

That follows an EU ruling designed to increase competition and reduce the effects of “closed shop” app stores on iOS and Android.

The Fortnite account on X posted, “Remember Fortnite on iOS? How bout we bring that back.”

It added in a later post: “Shoutout DMA – an important new law in the EU making this possible.”

The new law enshrined in the European Union’s Digital Market will change how online services and stores are operated.

The aim is to regulate companies that effectively gatekeep search engines and app stores, making it fairer for competitors.

However, it won’t apply in the UK as, fortunately for consumers, the government’s Digital Markets Bill will scrutinise the practices of tech giants such as Apple.

Many developers of games and apps have complained about the 30% commission that needs to be paid to Apple to access the App Store.

Critics believe the current structure has created a monopoly and excluded developers from providing services to billions of consumers who own iPhones.

Fortnite developer Epic Games is now likely to create an app store on Apple smartphones to allow users to download the game and purchase its well-liked battle pass and cosmetics.