It has been reported by a renowned consumer watchdog that Apple’s ever-popular iPhone 5 is the slowest smartphone amongst the best-selling brands used in the modern market.

The announcement – made by Which?, the champion of consumers – will surprise the many people who still see Apple as the market leader.

Using the industry-recognised Geekbench speed tests, the iPhone finished bottom of the pile of seven handsets when its technical ability was evaluated.

The Geekbench tests measure memory performance and processor speed across the multiple smartphone platforms, reasoning that if a phone manages to achieve a high score then it will be able to deal with functions such as photo-editing, playing games and using apps more easily.

In the tests that were run, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was shown to be almost twice as fast as the current Apple flagship handset; the Galaxy S4 was the fastest handset tested.

Sony, BlackBerry, Google and HTC smartphones also outstripped the iPhone 5 for pure performance, and handled tasks such as the ones listed above more easily.

Apple’s fans are renowned for being extremely passionate about the US company’s products, so it will be interesting to see how they react to this latest news.

Commenting on the tests, Which? said: “Undoubtedly, Apple will upgrade its next iPhone with an improved processor when it launches later this autumn. For the moment, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is the phone to beat when it comes to speed.”

It will be interesting to see when Apple will look to release its next iPhone.

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