Due to new regulations to be introduced by the European Union, the cost of using a mobile phone in Europe has decreased.

The maximum cost of making any call has dropped to 21p per minute, with the cost to receive falling to 6p per minute.  SMS costs have fallen to 7p.

The biggest fall – and one that will please the multitude of net-heavy users – will come in the mobile internet area.  Previously, the maximum cost is 60p per megabyte of data, however this has now fallen by just over a third to 39p.

The EU noted that the new charges have been brought in to reduce “bill shock” amongst users.

Renowned network EE – pioneers in the area of super fast broadband, and the first company to introduce the new 4G network – will be reducing their prices as part of the roaming regulation decrease.  Calling will now be priced at 20.4p per minute, with receiving to be set at 5.9p, texts at 6.8p and data usage now being set at 38.2p per megabyte.  The network has also reduced the rate of the Orange Business World Traveller Bundle from 23p per minute to 15p in order to ensure it remains good value.  The bundle will also continue to receive 1000 free minutes as part of the tariff.

It’s worth noting for any users that the new reduced prices will only occur within the EU itself – any countries outside will still be subject to the previous price structures.  The new regulations came into effect from the 1st July 2013.

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Source: BBC