A study has shown that EE is still leading the field in mobile phone services, despite recent improvements by all providers.

RootMetrics carried out the research on four UK networks, assessing them for speed and reliability during the first six months of this year.  Overall rankings put EE in the lead with Three a close second, followed by O2 and Vodafone.  All the networks had improved since last year.

The results of the study show that EE and Three lead the field for mobile internet.  EE is also ahead for calls and texts, although there was not much difference between any of the providers in this area.  EE also leads for network speed but is evenly matched by Three when it comes to reliability.

The chief executive of EE, Olaf Swantee, welcomed the results of the survey and confirmed that EE will continue to invest in these services.

Vodafone has stated that it has invested £1bn this year in improving its network quality and mobile coverage and has been independently testing the network to ensure that it is offering a good quality service.

Recent research carried out by Ofcom supports the results from RootMetrics and industry experts acknowledge that EE has achieved a head start thanks to its early roll-out of 4G services and that other providers are now investing in narrowing this gap.  All providers have confirmed that they are continuing to invest in mobile phone services.