It has been revealed that the latest roll-out of 4G services from EE means that the network now covers more than three-quarters of the UK’s population.

EE has recently switched on 4G services in an additional 13 towns.  This will bring a further 300,000 people into the system, ensuring that 75% of the UK’s population can now access the coverage.  Among the latest towns to make the roll-out is Witney in Oxfordshire, which has the distinction of being the prime minister’s constituency.

The CEO of EE, Olaf Swantee, has stated that as more and more people are becoming aware of 4G, they are understanding the benefits that it can bring; many businesses now request 4G connectivity because they know that it can bring significant economic advantages.  EE is continuing with its roll-out and more towns and villages are set to be connected over the coming months; for some people, this will be the first time they will be able to see the benefits of a faster broadband service.

David Cameron has stated that the addition of 4G to broadband services in Witney is set to be a huge boost for both residents and businesses.  The addition of 4G can also make the area a sought-after location for both new residents and businesses, with locals already reporting improvements to their mobile internet services.

The towns that have been included in this latest stage of the roll-out are Chesterfield, Chesham, Burntwood, Buckingham, Dalkeith, Glossop, Rugeley, Wickford, Ware, Sheerness, Hertford, Thornaby-on-Tees and the aforementioned Witney.