New research from EE reveals that 42% of businesses expecting to see growth in 2015 feel that they are not ready to meet this demand.

The survey of 1,000 small business owners and managers reveals that almost 70% of the respondents feel that their businesses will see double-digit growth next year, with 26% being the average growth prediction.

Factors that may be holding businesses back include a lack of relevant technology, a lack of office space and a lack of employees with the right skills; therefore, many of these businesses are not scaling up to meet the expected demand and a large proportion admit that their business will suffer if these issues are not addressed.

EE has developed Business Connect to help businesses that need to move it up a notch. This is described as the most flexible small business mobile plan, enabling businesses to create and change their own custom plan and control many different aspects, such as the number of users and the amount of data, text and voice calls for each user. Business Connect will allow each employee to have their own plan; however, there will only be one account and one bill.

The director of small business at EE, Mike Tomlinson, has stated that the plan has been designed to be as flexible as the business needs it to be. A number of small businesses have already adopted this plan and have benefited from its flexibility.