A study has shown that 21% of SMEs in the UK are planning to use devices in the workplace that feature the bigger screens, such as the iPhone 6 Plus or the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

A number of companies have stated that they could easily complete many of their daily activities on the larger screen devices. A number of new devices with big screens have hit the market recently and this has led to an increase in demand from the commercial sector.  Research has been carried out by EE that shows that a fifth of SMEs aim to use devices that have a screen measuring at least 5.5 inches.

This was an online survey that gathered the opinions of more than 1000 SMEs and demonstrated that most use these larger screen devices for work emails and viewing and editing documents like PDFs and spreadsheets with many believing that all of their main tasks can be completed on one of these handsets.

The director of small business at EE, Mike Tomlinson, has stated that big screen devices are no longer seen as a niche product but are quickly becoming indispensable for small businesses.  EE has seen an increase in demand for the larger screen products and this is set to continue into 2015.  EE has also launched a number of apps designed for small businesses to help them to improve productivity. The aim is to combine the use of the apps with the faster 4G service to allow businesses to be productive no matter where they are.

Source: EE