Apple CEO Tim Cook holds an iPad during a presentation at Apple headquarters in Cupertino

The iPad Air 2, which was recently announced by Apple, is claimed to be the thinnest tablet device available today.

The new version of the tablet is just 6.1mm thick and other features include a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, an anti-reflective coating on the screen, and a faster processor; however, some analysts are unsure whether this will be enough to boost iPad sales.

Apple has also announced the launch of the iPad Mini 3, which will have the same fingerprint technology but a slower processor. Sales of iPads for April to June 2014 saw a drop of 9% on the same period last year, which is in contrast to the rise in tablet sales across the market. Research has shown that the iPad is still the top-selling brand; however, its market share is dropping and some experts believe that the new iPhone, which has a number of the same features as the new iPads, will not help tablet sales.

The chief executive of Apple, Tim Cook, believes that tablet sales could outstrip those of PCs and that iPad sales will rise with the help of initiatives such as the recent deal with IBM to co-develop business-centric apps; however, Jitesh Ubrani from IDC says that as many consumers are happy with their old devices and these devices are working perfectly well, customers do not feel the need to upgrade at this time.

The new tablets will be available this week at a price similar to the previous versions.