Apple-iOS-11-update-will-end-support-for-iPhone-5 and 5c

The iPhone 5 and 5c as well as the iPad 4 will not receive Apple’s iOS 11 mobile operating system when it is released this autumn. Therefore, Apple will no longer send software and security updates to users of these older devices.

The iPhone 5s and all newer mobile devices will get the new operating system, but some older apps will not function after the upgrade.

This announcement stems from Apple’s decision to stop supporting apps and devices that use 32-bit processors. Apple has been using 64-bit processors in its devices rather than 32-bit processors since it introduced the iPad Air and the iPhone 5s in 2013.

After the iOS 11 update, apps that run exclusively in 32-bit mode will no longer appear in the search results in the App store, and previously downloaded 32-bit apps will no longer be accessible via the Purchased tab.

Apps tend to run faster with a 64-bit processor instead of a 32-bit processor, as a 64-bit processor can deal with twice as much data at one time.

Since 2015, Apple has required that all new and updated apps support a 64-bit processor, so the operating system upgrade should not affect any apps that have received an update in the past two years.

However, some popular educational apps and games, such as titles released by WeeWorld (including the WeeMe avatar app) and Fisher-Price, have not received any updates since Apple introduced its 64-bit requirement.